So Soft


theme – texture

Sometimes inspiration hits at the strangest times from the strangest places. I spent an entire day trying to capture texture. I tried flowers, shells, fruits (I learned I can make an orange look pretty darn disgusting), a braided rug, animals (both birds and reptiles) but nothing was really working for me. Today I knew I had to try again but wasn’t really in the mood. After texting with my ennui buddy and having coffee and playing on my iPad, it was time to get dressed (it was before noon is all I will say about that). I passed my dresser on my way to the closet and saw my kissing pigs. They have sat on my dresser for years. (If you don’t know by now, I collect pigs and no, I don’t have a real one. Have you heard the noise they make…) They were just sitting there full of texture, staring at me. Time to dust off (and repair) the light box. This also gave me my first opportunity to change the color of the background in the box. I always just used white but the girl pig was too light-colored to stand out. After a day of thinking I wouldn’t have any photo, I ended up with two that I loved. Since I couldn’t decide, I’m posting both. – Diane


Feelings of Ennui

Ennui – a feeling of utter weariness and discontent resulting from satiety or lack of interest; boredom: 
The endlesslecture produced an unbearable ennui.
Origin: 1660–70;  < French:  boredom; Old French enui  displeasure; see annoy
listlessness, tedium, lassitude, languor.

I love this statement about our blog written by my co-blogger Diane!  It is kicking me out of that state of Ennui and picking up my camera today…

“The daily dissatisfaction arising from a lack of excitement in a tedious day encourages two friends to grab their cameras in search of creativity and adventures!


Thank you for inspiration my friend. – Kim

The Blood Moon

blood moon

theme – glorious

A full eclipse of the moon couldn’t have come at a better time with the weekly theme being glorious. I grabbed a chair, my tripod, and of course my camera to head out into the front yard to watch the lunar eclipse. I set a timer to go off about every 15 minutes for 3 hours so I could get shots of the process of the eclipse. I’m glad I was able to get my act together and figure out what camera settings were working best before the blood moon appeared. Where I live, the glorious event took place between 2am and 5 am. This is one time I didn’t mind having some insomnia working on my side. – Diane

Hey Good Lookin’


theme – reflection

Let me introduce you to Little Foot, my daughter’s bearded dragon. I am not a reptile person but I will admit this little guy grew on me. She was only home with him for the weekend but I can’t wait to have them both home for the summer. Little Foot will make a great model for me. He stays where you put him and he doesn’t hardly move. I have already gotten tons of ideas from all the cute instagram animals. (Cute BuBu the chinchilla is a favorite along with a hedgehog I forgot the name of.) I wonder if Little Foot fits into Barbie clothes? Just kidding…but the possibilities are endless. – Diane

A Cup of Calm


theme – obsession

I gave up smoking 20 years ago. In its place, I became a coffee drinker. I am now obsessed with  International Cafe’s French Vanilla instant coffee. 3 cups a day, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It is the only flavor and the only coffee I crave. I am obsessed with it to the point I pack it in my luggage for vacations. Sad, I know, but just so deliciously calming. – Diane

Is It Wine ‘O Clock Yet?


Photo Friday Theme: Obsession by Kim O’Neill

I find this photo appropriate as this morning I listened to Maria Shriver presenting a piece on motherhood and drinking wine (aka: mommy juice) not only as a social outlet, but for relaxing with the stresses of raising children. My girls are off to college now, but I do remember our old neighborhood on Fridays when all the moms looked forward to our “Wine O’Clock”.

I think as long as it is planned responsibly where everyone can walk home, older kids or even a babysitter in the group to watch the kids while the moms take their time to unwind. We definitely had our moments when one of us would surpass the one or two glasses of wine, but we watched out for each other to make sure we all made it home safe and sound.

This was the time of my life where I acquired a taste and passion for wine. We lived in Northern California, so we were close to wineries and great local restaurants. We lived in an all American hometown where the kids could be kids and we all helped each other out. We celebrated our times together with wine, friendship, and created wonderful memories.

It is a time of our lives that I look fondly back on and carry with me always.

For information on Maria Shriver’s report on “Mommy Juice”, go to:

Flowering On The Other Side Of The Fence


theme – flowering

I keep waiting for an easy theme and I thought this might be it, except, I just posted a flower for last week’s theme, alive. Oh well, there are plenty of flowers out there. I spotted this one poking over the fence between my yard and my neighbor’s yard. I loved the colors especially the splash of white bursting out from the middle.  - Diane