Small, Dark, and Ugly

pelican shadow (flattened)2

theme – shadow

OK, I am taking a creative approach to the theme, shadow. I know, it’s more of a silhouette than a shadow but, it is dark enough to be a shadow. I am so glad this photo turned out dark from the backlighting. The pelican was so ugly, he actually looks better in silhouette.  – Diane

Late Afternoon Shadows

theme – shadowSHADOWS ON CAITLINThis photo was taken of my daughter who was stretching to practice before her Nationals Competition at the Gaylord hotel in Nashville. The late afternoon shadows from the windows provided a dramatic effect. - Kim

A Topsail Sunrise

serene edited

theme – serene

We were headed out for an early morning of fishing. I like to fish with my camera and a book rather than a fishing pole. My family doesn’t like it when I tell the fish to swim away. – Diane


Serene Sugarloaf

sugarloaf pier cropped
theme – serene

This photo was taken from the home we rented for a week on Sugarloaf Key.

It was truly a paradise. As I sit in 28 degree weather, I am day dreaming about my time there! - Kim

Below The Balconies

pattern 06112011*

theme – pattern

I have always loved photos of fire escapes and patterns in buildings. As there are not many buildings over 3 stories tall in my area, I was fascinated with them on a trip to NYC. I used the neon edges filter to make the pattern of these balconies pop out for the theme. – Diane

Face to Face at Flamingo Gardens

Face to Face at Flamingo Gardens

theme – the lucky shot

There are a few reasons for choosing this as my lucky shot…
I was lucky that the feathered subject was interacting with me. I was then fortunate that the screen made a cool background but did not blur the object.  The parrots were entertaining to watch their actions. This parrot would hop to the ground and was trying to dig himself an escape route! They seem very interested in us, trying to coax us closer, but I stayed back with my zoom lens and enjoyed them from afar. – Kim

Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut

the lucky shot_edited-1

theme – the lucky shot

My daughter and I went on a photo hike at the local park. We pulled into a parking space and saw this squirrel just laying flat on its tummy eating an acorn. We had never seen one laying on its tummy like this so out came the camera. I had to shoot through the windshield of the car so I didn’t scare him off. He would finish the acorn, jump down to get another, and then jump back up and lay down to eat it. I think he started watching us as much as we were watching him. He reminded me of a little kid ready and waiting for their favorite tv show to start. – Diane