Autumn Reflections

Rockaway River Dam

Photo Friday Theme – Autumn 2013

I was going down the hill to do my errands and decided to make stops along the way to take some Autumn shots. This is the Rockaway River that runs through Boonton and Denville. I love how still the water is right to the edge of the dam and the colorful leaves caught in the falling water.





theme – heavenly

When I think of the word heavenly, I automatically think of sunbeams showing through clouds. I have always felt they are like a little glimpse of something so much bigger.

I took this photo in Topsail, NC. It is the first time I was able to capture sunbeams shooting out of the tops of the clouds instead of the bottoms. I was so mesmerized by the top sunbeams I didn’t realize I had also captured some from the bottom in the same photo.

When I can finally get a grasp on my Elements program and all the wonderful things it can do, I hope to be able to enhance the sunbeams even more. Until then, this is enough of a glimpse of heaven for me. – Diane

Early Morning Walk

Hollywood Lifeguard Stand

photo friday theme – lonesome

The best remedy for those who are afraid, lonely or unhappy is to go outside, somewhere where they can be quiet, alone with the heavens, nature and God. Because only then does one feel that all is as it should be and that God wishes to see people happy, amidst the simple beauty of nature.

-Anne Frank

Anybody Home?


theme – lonesome

I’m guessing my dog, Sport, was feeling a little lonely and decided to see if any of the neighbors were around. Poor little guy. – Diane

Hangin’ Out in the Neighborhood

photo friday theme – huge

split rock bear

When the spring had finally hit our area, it brought new blooms and the local wildlife….

including the  “Split Rock Bear.”

The word that we use when we speak of him is HUGE…

Now he was quite the gentle giant –  slowly lumbering around my neighbor’s yard in search for food.

After this picture was taken, he took the neighbor’s trash can sprawling himself out on the lawn and dining like a king.

He has appeared a few times (including taking out our garbage one morning!)

I hear rumors that they are trying to trap and relocate him…

I sure hope he evades them and makes it to his hibernation spot.


BLT Hold the T Please

blt hold the t


theme – huge

The Carnegie Deli in Las Vegas has huge, scrumptious sandwiches.  The lettuce was crisp and the bacon wasn’t too crispy or too chewy but just right. The toast was more like two toasted to perfection croutons trying to hold an entire salad together. (I can’t begin to imagine how tall it would have been if I actually got the tomatoes on it.)    It was so delicious I ate as much as I could and wanted to eat more but feared I would explode. Keep in mind, This is only showing half the sandwich. The other half was hiding behind it. Best BLT hold the T ever! – Diane

Gray Skies


theme – mirrors

I was so mad when I saw this theme. Just a few short themes ago I used my only mirror picture for the “on the road” theme. I thought I was so creative but now I realize I could have picked from so many other photos; unlike the theme, mirror. I went through my photos and thought of a reflection in a building, but Kim has already done that and quite frankly, I can’t compete with the photo she chose. (Make sure to scroll down and see it!)

Back to my original idea of the car mirror that I already used. I took another picture and tried to change it up by playing with the color a little. I have learned just enough of my Elements program to achieve this look. My thought is the black and white background is meant to symbolize the gray, rainy day. I left the color in the mirror because sometimes I feel the colors are brighter and more vivid after a great rainstorm. The title was chosen because the background and foreground skies are both gray.

Now that I have completely over-explained this image, I hope you look at it for what it is, another photo of my car mirror. – Diane