Gray Skies


theme – mirrors

I was so mad when I saw this theme. Just a few short themes ago I used my only mirror picture for the “on the road” theme. I thought I was so creative but now I realize I could have picked from so many other photos; unlike the theme, mirror. I went through my photos and thought of a reflection in a building, but Kim has already done that and quite frankly, I can’t compete with the photo she chose. (Make sure to scroll down and see it!)

Back to my original idea of the car mirror that I already used. I took another picture and tried to change it up by playing with the color a little. I have learned just enough of my Elements program to achieve this look. My thought is the black and white background is meant to symbolize the gray, rainy day. I left the color in the mirror because sometimes I feel the colors are brighter and more vivid after a great rainstorm. The title was chosen because the background and foreground skies are both gray.

Now that I have completely over-explained this image, I hope you look at it for what it is, another photo of my car mirror. – Diane

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