The Blood Moon

blood moon

theme – glorious

A full eclipse of the moon couldn’t have come at a better time with the weekly theme being glorious. I grabbed a chair, my tripod, and of course my camera to head out into the front yard to watch the lunar eclipse. I set a timer to go off about every 15 minutes for 3 hours so I could get shots of the process of the eclipse. I’m glad I was able to get my act together and figure out what camera settings were working best before the blood moon appeared. Where I live, the glorious event took place between 2am and 5 am. This is one time I didn’t mind having some insomnia working on my side. – Diane

Hey Good Lookin’


theme – reflection

Let me introduce you to Little Foot, my daughter’s bearded dragon. I am not a reptile person but I will admit this little guy grew on me. She was only home with him for the weekend but I can’t wait to have them both home for the summer. Little Foot will make a great model for me. He stays where you put him and he doesn’t hardly move. I have already gotten tons of ideas from all the cute instagram animals. (Cute BuBu the chinchilla is a favorite along with a hedgehog I forgot the name of.) I wonder if Little Foot fits into Barbie clothes? Just kidding…but the possibilities are endless. – Diane

A Cup of Calm


theme – obsession

I gave up smoking 20 years ago. In its place, I became a coffee drinker. I am now obsessed with  International Cafe’s French Vanilla instant coffee. 3 cups a day, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It is the only flavor and the only coffee I crave. I am obsessed with it to the point I pack it in my luggage for vacations. Sad, I know, but just so deliciously calming. – Diane

Flowering On The Other Side Of The Fence


theme – flowering

I keep waiting for an easy theme and I thought this might be it, except, I just posted a flower for last week’s theme, alive. Oh well, there are plenty of flowers out there. I spotted this one poking over the fence between my yard and my neighbor’s yard. I loved the colors especially the splash of white bursting out from the middle.  - Diane

Spring, the Sneezy Season

Flamingo Nursery, Pembroke Pines, FL


theme – alive

Spring is officially here! (Not that it really matters here in South Florida.) Spring is the season of coming alive. Shaking off the winter blues and shedding those heavy coats. For me, it means lots of eye rubbing and sneezing and coughing. Spring is also the allergy season. As beautiful as it can be, it can also make you miserable. Every time I look at this photo, I feel like I should sneeze. So yes, spring is here, the flowers are alive, and the sneezing has begun! – Diane




theme – calm

My favorite part of the day is sunset. People are coming home from work, house lights come on, the sun is setting, families are reconnecting with each other and winding down for the night. I find this part of the day the most calming for me. Now that my kids are grown and we are not rushing off to a game I need to take advantage of the calmness of a sunset more than I do. – Diane

The Fork In the Path


IMG_4894 copy_edited-1

theme – explore

Kim, my ennui co-author, recently came to visit. After getting our Starbucks and driving around trying to figure out where we wanted to explore for this theme, we settled on Flamingo Gardens. I chose this shot because you can see the three different paths you can choose to explore. One path leads to the flamingos and other Florida animals, another leads to birds and owls, and the third path leads to a house that reminded me of my grandmother’s. There is always something to explore at Flamingo Gardens. – Diane

Hockey Action


theme – male

Since I am late posting this theme, I decided to check out all the other male shots submitted for this theme to try to get some inspiration. (You can see them all at , I think we have a link on the sidebar of the blog.) There were so many wonderful close up portraits with tons of character. I knew I didn’t have anything like that in my catalog and the men in my family put up with enough photography that I didn’t want to ask them.

My next thought was a photo of my dad with a map since men rarely look at maps. It doesn’t matter where we are, my dad is the go to map guy. I have even started to grab a shot of him and his maps every time we are at a theme park or on vacation. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any because my photos are still being re-organized from “the great computer clean up of 2013″. (5,000 of the 40,000 done so far)

Moving on to idea number 3. Hockey. At this point, I decided to just go with an action shot. In this shot, I like the skates in the air, the ice flying, and the give it everything you’ve got feel. It wasn’t my first idea but it will get the theme done. – Diane

Arts Festival


theme – landscape 2014

The Coconut Grove Arts Festival, one mile of sculptures, art, and photography. I mostly stopped in the photography tents. The photographers were so talented (that would be why they are professionals) and so inspirational. I think my husband actually enjoyed the festival too. We would stop and read about the photos we loved and how the photographer captured them. My husband kept telling me to just take the camera out and shoot tons of photos and I could have my own little tent. I laughed and asked if he had seen any of my photos. I enjoy it as a hobby, and I think I have come a long way but I will never be a professional, and I don’t think I want to be a professional.  - Diane

Twilight Traffic



theme – twilight

I took this photo last night with my phone. We were on our way to dinner to celebrate my son’s 16th. birthday. I decided not to take my purse (which has a small camera in it). I am now kicking my self in the rear. It seems like that always happens. I wish I could make this photo bigger but then it just makes the cars fuzzy. We were moving about 50 mph, I was shooting through the windshield, and the sky was changing rapidly. I just wanted to get a few shots of the color before it was gone. – Diane