Greener Pastures

greener pastures

Photo Friday Theme – Green by Kim O’Neill

This photo was taken on the west coast of Ireland in the area of Slieve League. Incredible shoreline and breathtaking cliffs made it a sight now to be missed (except for the other half of our group learning “Gaelic Football”) We even had the true movie experience where the bus had to wait for sheep to cross the road!

This was such a memorable trip. Today we leave again for Ireland… minus the bus and 60+.  This time it’s a party of four driving ourselves into a new adventure.


PS: Wishing the Maureen/Caitlin’s girls from our last trip much success in Montreal for the 2014 Irish Dance Championships!

Overlooking Inishmore

Meg reflects on Inishmore

Photo Friday Theme – Alive by Kim O’Neill

This was one of those amazing days that you are grateful for. We were on a tour of Ireland with my daughter’s dance school and took a ferry out to the Aran Islands for the day. We rented bikes and toured all around Inishmore. It was a perfect way to see the island. At the highest point we explored around a ruin and Megan took time to reflect on her day. It was definitely a great day to be alive!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to everyone.




theme – calm

My favorite part of the day is sunset. People are coming home from work, house lights come on, the sun is setting, families are reconnecting with each other and winding down for the night. I find this part of the day the most calming for me. Now that my kids are grown and we are not rushing off to a game I need to take advantage of the calmness of a sunset more than I do. – Diane

The Fork In the Path


IMG_4894 copy_edited-1

theme – explore

Kim, my ennui co-author, recently came to visit. After getting our Starbucks and driving around trying to figure out where we wanted to explore for this theme, we settled on Flamingo Gardens. I chose this shot because you can see the three different paths you can choose to explore. One path leads to the flamingos and other Florida animals, another leads to birds and owls, and the third path leads to a house that reminded me of my grandmother’s. There is always something to explore at Flamingo Gardens. – Diane

Arts Festival


theme – landscape 2014

The Coconut Grove Arts Festival, one mile of sculptures, art, and photography. I mostly stopped in the photography tents. The photographers were so talented (that would be why they are professionals) and so inspirational. I think my husband actually enjoyed the festival too. We would stop and read about the photos we loved and how the photographer captured them. My husband kept telling me to just take the camera out and shoot tons of photos and I could have my own little tent. I laughed and asked if he had seen any of my photos. I enjoy it as a hobby, and I think I have come a long way but I will never be a professional, and I don’t think I want to be a professional.  - Diane

Twilight Traffic



theme – twilight

I took this photo last night with my phone. We were on our way to dinner to celebrate my son’s 16th. birthday. I decided not to take my purse (which has a small camera in it). I am now kicking my self in the rear. It seems like that always happens. I wish I could make this photo bigger but then it just makes the cars fuzzy. We were moving about 50 mph, I was shooting through the windshield, and the sky was changing rapidly. I just wanted to get a few shots of the color before it was gone. – Diane

Rainy Season

02 03 12_0298_edited-1

theme – climate

Florida, the Sunshine State….. most of the time. We do have a summer rainy season.  We are used to the sudden downpours of rain that last 15 – 20 minutes, but then we just keep going about our business. We know the sun will shine and the activities of the day will be restored.  What can you do? It’s the price we pay to live in summer climate year round. – Diane

Hiking Hackelberry


Photo Friday Theme – In The Wild

John loves to hike and he knows I love photography so we decided to do a photo hike in a new area out by Long Valley called Hacklebery State Park. It was a good hike especially along the Black River where you  were climbing over rocks. I didn’t love the uphill climbs as it reminded me how out of shape I am.  We stuck to the hike along the water but there were definitely miles and miles of wilderness around. I always try to imagine how the first explorers felt when first exploring different places.

After our hike, we stopped off at the Cider Mill Farms for some homemade goodies and coffee. Lovely family place!


Swiftly They Fall


Photo Friday Theme – Swift

It is amazing how quickly Autumn passes by.

The leaves quietly start changing among the green landscape and then in a few weeks the colors are abundant, almost distracting you on your errands. Another week passes and most of the bright oranges and reds have turned brown and rust. After a few storms swiftly coming through, there are more leaves on the ground than the trees. I can begin to see the hills beyond the trees again and can see the sunrise and sunsets from my home.

Swiftly the seasons can pass, we have to enjoy the moments.