The Blood Moon

blood moon

theme – glorious

A full eclipse of the moon couldn’t have come at a better time with the weekly theme being glorious. I grabbed a chair, my tripod, and of course my camera to head out into the front yard to watch the lunar eclipse. I set a timer to go off about every 15 minutes for 3 hours so I could get shots of the process of the eclipse. I’m glad I was able to get my act together and figure out what camera settings were working best before the blood moon appeared. Where I live, the glorious event took place between 2am and 5 am. This is one time I didn’t mind having some insomnia working on my side. – Diane

A Cup of Calm


theme – obsession

I gave up smoking 20 years ago. In its place, I became a coffee drinker. I am now obsessed with  International Cafe’s French Vanilla instant coffee. 3 cups a day, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It is the only flavor and the only coffee I crave. I am obsessed with it to the point I pack it in my luggage for vacations. Sad, I know, but just so deliciously calming. – Diane

King of the Beasts

01 08 08_0473_edited-1


theme – beasts

I took this photo while in a New York City museum. (I know, that narrows it down, right.) I know it is some kind of tribal mask and I am hoping I have more information on it somewhere. I chose it for beast because I can only imagine the person wearing this had to have a terrifying effect on others, but who knows, maybe it was simply worn to ask the Gods for a good harvest. Either way, it reminds me of a beast. – Diane

Life’s Little Amenities

my life 1:3:2014 theme

theme – my life

These are a few items that could be used to describe my life.

1. The camera – for my new-found love of photography

2. The pig – I have collected pigs since the 1980′s. I’m not 100% sure why I started but I just keep running with it.

3. The book – I love reading but this is my favorite book.

4. The coffee mug – my addiction to coffee. So addicted in fact that I didn’t think to just leave the mug empty.

- Diane

BLT Hold the T Please

blt hold the t


theme – huge

The Carnegie Deli in Las Vegas has huge, scrumptious sandwiches.  The lettuce was crisp and the bacon wasn’t too crispy or too chewy but just right. The toast was more like two toasted to perfection croutons trying to hold an entire salad together. (I can’t begin to imagine how tall it would have been if I actually got the tomatoes on it.)    It was so delicious I ate as much as I could and wanted to eat more but feared I would explode. Keep in mind, This is only showing half the sandwich. The other half was hiding behind it. Best BLT hold the T ever! – Diane

Gray Skies


theme – mirrors

I was so mad when I saw this theme. Just a few short themes ago I used my only mirror picture for the “on the road” theme. I thought I was so creative but now I realize I could have picked from so many other photos; unlike the theme, mirror. I went through my photos and thought of a reflection in a building, but Kim has already done that and quite frankly, I can’t compete with the photo she chose. (Make sure to scroll down and see it!)

Back to my original idea of the car mirror that I already used. I took another picture and tried to change it up by playing with the color a little. I have learned just enough of my Elements program to achieve this look. My thought is the black and white background is meant to symbolize the gray, rainy day. I left the color in the mirror because sometimes I feel the colors are brighter and more vivid after a great rainstorm. The title was chosen because the background and foreground skies are both gray.

Now that I have completely over-explained this image, I hope you look at it for what it is, another photo of my car mirror. – Diane

Activity Invisible

activity invisible_edited-1


theme – activity

I’m trying to be a little creative here. This may only make sense in my mind but I hope you get the idea. The theme is activity.  I chose this shot, which is void of the actual activity, because honestly, I’m not sure I will ever get to use it for anything else and I really like it. Hopefully you instantly recognize what activity would be taking place if I was not standing directly under the hoop shooting straight up to the sky. I don’t know what possessed me to take this shot (probably just because I am short and have to walk under it every time I park my car in the driveway) but I love the result. I will have to remember to look up more often and try to get all angels of the subject.  - Diane

Under the Rainbow

ipad rainbow_edited-1


theme – best iPhone photo

Oh uh. I now must confess to my technology status. I do not have an iPhone or even a blackberry. (At least I know what they are haha). I still have my sanyo flip phone from too long ago to remember any other phone.  Yes, I know it takes pictures but I really don’t think of my phone as a camera (probably because it is ancient).  The above photo was taken from my iPad. It is one of about 5 I have taken with my iPad. Again, I don’t think of these devices as cameras and I forget they can take photos. Most of my iPad photos are my kids and their friends taking pictures of themselves making silly faces. They do this and set it as my background because they know I have no idea how to change it. I never know what picture will come up when I turn it on. I honestly don’t know why I have an iPad except that my husband bought it for me and I can play some very addictive, time-consuming games on it.  - Diane

Wooden Structure

wooden structure_edited-1


theme – structure

The Hurricane wooden coaster in Dania Beach, Florida.

After a day in the arcade playing games, laser tag, and even some mini golf, the kids and their friends hopped aboard the Hurricane. I originally loved this photo for the blue sky in the background but after playing with it in my Elements program, I came up with 2 versions I like better.

Version 1 (above):  I simply transformed it into a B & W photo. I think this makes the structure pop out for this theme.

Version 2 (below): I used the lomo camera effect. It is one of my favorite go to effects. I like the pop of color and the feel of vintage photos. It looks like it could have been a photo from my childhood years.

While I was uploading these photos I noticed a new pattern forming. I have always loved color photos and hated black and white (except for the occasional few). Now, I seem to be turning more of my photos into black and white. Or at the very least (like this one) I can’t decide if I prefer it in color or black and white. I guess my taste is changing. I’m interested to see where this new pattern takes me in the future. – Diane

wooden coaster_edited-1

Traveling, Key West Style

Traveling, Key West Style_edited-1


theme – traveling

After driving around Key West in our giant Yukon, we decided to rent an electric car for a day and travel like true Key Westers. It was so much fun. Feeling the sunshine and the breeze, and locals would wave and say hello as we drove by. If you look at the front of the car it looks like a smiling face. It’s like the car knows just how great its job is. – Diane