Aunt Judy

Photo Friday Theme – Portrait by Kim O’Neill

A beautiful moment of my Aunt Judy with her grandson

celebrating her 50th anniversary to my dad’s brother, my Uncle Elmer.

A very special day!

Love of the Outdoors

Johnny Photo Friday Theme – Male by Kim

I’ve been away for a few weeks, so I scanned through my more recent photos to apply to this theme. I chose this one of my husband John because he looks truly happy and rugged in the outdoors bringing in his firewood. I am not sure if this is a male thing or a outdoorsy thing, but I love that the moment was captured! (There was a large dog that was cropped out of this photo so that the focus was on the main subject)

Hockey Action


theme – male

Since I am late posting this theme, I decided to check out all the other male shots submitted for this theme to try to get some inspiration. (You can see them all at , I think we have a link on the sidebar of the blog.) There were so many wonderful close up portraits with tons of character. I knew I didn’t have anything like that in my catalog and the men in my family put up with enough photography that I didn’t want to ask them.

My next thought was a photo of my dad with a map since men rarely look at maps. It doesn’t matter where we are, my dad is the go to map guy. I have even started to grab a shot of him and his maps every time we are at a theme park or on vacation. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any because my photos are still being re-organized from “the great computer clean up of 2013″. (5,000 of the 40,000 done so far)

Moving on to idea number 3. Hockey. At this point, I decided to just go with an action shot. In this shot, I like the skates in the air, the ice flying, and the give it everything you’ve got feel. It wasn’t my first idea but it will get the theme done. – Diane

Character of Women


Theme: Female

I had a difficult time with this theme which is crazy as I grew up with my mom and sister, and am a mother to two girls!

I chose this photo of my friend Renee who is the founder of Harvest Drive. She encompasses the female spirit of working to help others while managing to always be there for her family. Her strength, passion and endless persistance to do her best to assist the poor and to pass that community spirit to the next generation inspires all those who become involved in this non-profit.  She always reminded me of the “Proverb Woman.”

Proverbs 31:10, 20, 29

10 A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies. 20 She opens her arms to the poor and extends her hands to the needy.  29 “Many women do noble things, but you surpass them all.” Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised. Honor her for all that her hands have done and let her works bring her praise at the city gate.

For more information on Harvest Drive, go to

The Purple Princess

08 17 12_3217_edited-1

theme – female

I went for a more comical approach to this theme. As women, we tend to do some pretty weird things  in the name of beauty. In this shot, my daughter was in the process of dying the tips of her hair purple. She looks like an alien. A very happy alien. To my surprise, it wasn’t nearly as bad as I was picturing. (My husband was horrified). The purple washed out in about 3 months and it satisfied any weird color urges she had. (Which was what I was hoping would happen.) Since this, she has dyed her hair brown and black. (Not at the same time.) Hopefully she will soon return to the beautiful natural blonde she is. – Diane

My Life

John&girls cropped&straight-curvedarrow


Photo Friday Theme – My Life

When “my life” came up as a theme, of course you look at your surroundings and home but that changes over the years.

My husband and kids will always be my life. I will be the most happy and complete when I am with them.

I love them always — Kim

An Old Rivalry

photo friday theme – end of summer

canes game

Nothing marks the end of summer like Labor Day, school starting and football!

We flew down for the big home game of the season – the University of Miami Hurricanes playing their old rivals the Florida Gators.  My husband being a part of the football alumni always brings an opportunity to see old friends and teammates. We had a great view of the crazy student section and all the fun! The game was very exciting and was a nail biter down to the end. The pure joy and energy in the stadium was an incredible experience…. one I may not have experienced since the Hurricanes of the 1980’s.

Although I always hate to see Summer go – Welcome Autumn! – Kim

You Look Like…

theme #3 family boys 02112012j

theme – Dad

Since I featured my dad in the candid theme I thought it was only fair to feature my husband’s dad for this theme. I find this photo interesting because my son looks so much like my brother most people assume he is my brother’s son. This is the first time I noticed how much he looks like my husband’s side of the family. He has the same nose and facial structure as his pop. I think the older he gets, the more he will look like him. Now if we can just solve the mystery of why my husband is the only balding male in the family. – Diane

Shhh Baby Sleeping

out of this world 4/99

theme – at rest

I dug way back into my archives to find this gem.

This is my son when he was 14 months old. He is now 15 (years). What I realized when I came across this photo is that he still has to sleep with something on his cheek, although now it has changed into his pillow or blanket. I never noticed that he has done this since he was teeny tiny. (The scrapbooker in me now wants to try to capture him sleeping like this as a teenager but that might be a little too creepy.) This old photo is becoming one of my new favorites. Just by making it black and white, I love the peaceful quality it now has without all of the bright blues and reds and greens. – Diane