Wooden Structure

wooden structure_edited-1


theme – structure

The Hurricane wooden coaster in Dania Beach, Florida.

After a day in the arcade playing games, laser tag, and even some mini golf, the kids and their friends hopped aboard the Hurricane. I originally loved this photo for the blue sky in the background but after playing with it in my Elements program, I came up with 2 versions I like better.

Version 1 (above):  I simply transformed it into a B & W photo. I think this makes the structure pop out for this theme.

Version 2 (below): I used the lomo camera effect. It is one of my favorite go to effects. I like the pop of color and the feel of vintage photos. It looks like it could have been a photo from my childhood years.

While I was uploading these photos I noticed a new pattern forming. I have always loved color photos and hated black and white (except for the occasional few). Now, I seem to be turning more of my photos into black and white. Or at the very least (like this one) I can’t decide if I prefer it in color or black and white. I guess my taste is changing. I’m interested to see where this new pattern takes me in the future. – Diane

wooden coaster_edited-1

Look What I Found

i found a frog_edited-1


theme – look what I found

This little guy was found on a softball field during one of my daughter’s night practices. I’m glad I had my camera with me as the practice was so boring and there wasn’t enough light to read. The frogs were so loud on this particular night that I decided to go on the empty field next to the practice field in search of the noise makers. As you can see, the hunt was successful.

The frog / toad / whatever he technically is blended into the background so I used the technique of turning part of a photo into black and white. I’m sure there is a more technical name for this but I honestly had only done it once before during a Photoshop class. I was able to accomplish this by stumbling around my Elements program and accidentally finding what I needed. (Quick selection tool + invert; definitely not the magnetic lasso thingy) It was another “look what I found” moment.  – Diane

The View From Above

view from above_edited-1


theme – metropolis

Metropolis was one of the hardest themes for me so far. I don’t really go to big cities often. I live between Miami and Ft. Lauderdale but I haven’t yet found a spot where I could get a great metropolis shot. I think I’m going to put that on my to do list. I rarely go into these areas but I am sure they are full of hidden gems waiting to be photographed. Time to move out of my hometown comfort zone and start exploring.

This shot was taken from the top of the Empire State Building. I must confess I did not take it. My husband did. As we were in line waiting to go up, I had a huge panic attack thanks to my fear of heights. At the last-minute, I chickened out, put my camera on the lovely green square and said snap some shots for me. Maybe Miami is a good place for me to start. There, buildings aren’t so tall.  – Diane :(

photo credit to my husband Eliot Lupton

Ice Cold

ice cold_edited-1


theme – temperature

I am not a beer drinker but I will admit even this looks refreshing on a hot south Florida summer day. I couldn’t decide if I liked the photo in color or b&w better so I have posted both. I think the b&w one looks colder but I also like the pop of color in the first one. I would love to get some of your opinions on which one you like better. -Diane

ice cold bw_edited-1




theme – pets

This is our dog, Sport. He is a mischievous little guy. He is 8 years old and gets into everything. His favorite pastime is getting q-tips from the bathroom trash can and eating them. Gross! Another favorite of his is to catch frogs. Frogs are poisonous to dogs especially little ones. After we shove the kitchen sprayer down his throat when he gets one, he bounces off the walls. Maybe it’s his form of catnip, who knows. Speaking of cats, he thinks he is a cat. He likes to relax on top of the back of the couch like a cat would. He can even jump like a cat does. We think he may have been a circus dog in an earlier life. Even with all of his quirkiness, he is part of our family and we love him.  – Diane

Just a small note about the photo: It wasn’t a very sharp photo but by using the poster edges filter, I was able to mask some of the blurriness. I’m so glad I was able to save these shot of him and his little mohawk.

Shhh Baby Sleeping

out of this world 4/99

theme – at rest

I dug way back into my archives to find this gem.

This is my son when he was 14 months old. He is now 15 (years). What I realized when I came across this photo is that he still has to sleep with something on his cheek, although now it has changed into his pillow or blanket. I never noticed that he has done this since he was teeny tiny. (The scrapbooker in me now wants to try to capture him sleeping like this as a teenager but that might be a little too creepy.) This old photo is becoming one of my new favorites. Just by making it black and white, I love the peaceful quality it now has without all of the bright blues and reds and greens. – Diane

Nothing Better…

theme – candid

by Kim

MeganlaughingThe theme this week is candid – my favorite kind of shots. Catching a moment on the softball field or dance floor of my kids, getting a glimpse of friends working together on Harvest Drive – the moments where I started to love photography!

This picture was a taken a few weeks ago with my smart phone. The quality was not so great, because we were inside a restaurant, but there is nothing better than seeing your kids laughing.  My remedy was to put it into photoshop and play with filters. I used the pastel filter which I felt enhanced the photo. –KIM

Below The Balconies

pattern 06112011*

theme – pattern

I have always loved photos of fire escapes and patterns in buildings. As there are not many buildings over 3 stories tall in my area, I was fascinated with them on a trip to NYC. I used the neon edges filter to make the pattern of these balconies pop out for the theme. – Diane