You Look Like…

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Since I featured my dad in the candid theme I thought it was only fair to feature my husband’s dad for this theme. I find this photo interesting because my son looks so much like my brother most people assume he is my brother’s son. This is the first time I noticed how much he looks like my husband’s side of the family. He has the same nose and facial structure as his pop. I think the older he gets, the more he will look like him. Now if we can just solve the mystery of why my husband is the only balding male in the family. – Diane

A Talk With Grandpa

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theme – candid

My daughter and my dad have always had a special bond. Maybe it’s because she is the first grandchild, I don’t know, but I do know it is an undeniable bond. When she was little, my dad didn’t have any idea what to do with her. He would lay on the floor and let her put barrettes in his hair or even apply some plastic lipstick to his face but my mom was the one in baby heaven. Now that she is older and can carry a conversation, he can’t wait to steal her away for a coffee and a conversation when he visits. (My mom is now missing the little ones running around).

She will be leaving for her freshman year of college in August. While my dad was in town for her high school graduation, they had a “talk”. Just the two of them. He was giving her advice on life. Have a great time but remember to get good grades. Find a job that makes you happy. Don’t put anything on the internet that might come back to bite you in the ass. (Pretty much everything we tell her but somehow it is not nagging when it comes from Grandpa.) As they sat at my kitchen table oblivious to the rest of us in the house, I couldn’t help snapping this photo. I love how it turned out. They are deep in one of their conversations and the light from my chandelier with its orangey-brown glass shades gave a nice warm glow to the scene. – Diane

Thanks dad for being the man, husband, father, and grandfather you are. I love you.