Arts Festival


theme – landscape 2014

The Coconut Grove Arts Festival, one mile of sculptures, art, and photography. I mostly stopped in the photography tents. The photographers were so talented (that would be why they are professionals) and so inspirational. I think my husband actually enjoyed the festival too. We would stop and read about the photos we loved and how the photographer captured them. My husband kept telling me to just take the camera out and shoot tons of photos and I could have my own little tent. I laughed and asked if he had seen any of my photos. I enjoy it as a hobby, and I think I have come a long way but I will never be a professional, and I don’t think I want to be a professional.  – Diane

Twilight Traffic



theme – twilight

I took this photo last night with my phone. We were on our way to dinner to celebrate my son’s 16th. birthday. I decided not to take my purse (which has a small camera in it). I am now kicking my self in the rear. It seems like that always happens. I wish I could make this photo bigger but then it just makes the cars fuzzy. We were moving about 50 mph, I was shooting through the windshield, and the sky was changing rapidly. I just wanted to get a few shots of the color before it was gone. – Diane




theme – heavenly

When I think of the word heavenly, I automatically think of sunbeams showing through clouds. I have always felt they are like a little glimpse of something so much bigger.

I took this photo in Topsail, NC. It is the first time I was able to capture sunbeams shooting out of the tops of the clouds instead of the bottoms. I was so mesmerized by the top sunbeams I didn’t realize I had also captured some from the bottom in the same photo.

When I can finally get a grasp on my Elements program and all the wonderful things it can do, I hope to be able to enhance the sunbeams even more. Until then, this is enough of a glimpse of heaven for me. – Diane

A Walk In The Garden

A Walk in the Garden


theme – nature walk

I always say I need to get out more and explore the great things that surround me.  The Morikami museum and Japanese gardens in Delray, Florida was one of them. Kim and I spent a day here taking a photo hike through the beautiful gardens. It was gorgeous and a place I hope to return to for another photo hike. – Diane

A Little Too Much Space

A Little Too Much Space


theme – spacious

This bridge was being built next to the Hoover Dam. My first thought was who in the world will want to drive over a bridge that far up? My second thought was how do you build a bridge that far up? To me, the answers to these questions didn’t really matter. I wasn’t building it and I would certainly not be driving over it.

I chose this photo for spacious because honestly, there is way too much space between the bridge and the water below. I will admit that even though this bridge scared the heck out of me just looking at it, I’m sure the photos you could get from being on it are spectacular. So, if you are ever near the Hoover Dam and get to drive across this bridge, take a picture for me. I would love to admire the view from the safety of the ground. – Diane

The End Of Summer?

= Dania Beach 8/5/2011 =


theme – the end of summer

The end of summer. A time when everyone begins to move indoors.  A time when the beaches become deserted and ice cream is eaten less often.

Wait a minute, this is Florida. The summer never really ends. Stay outside, eat ice cream and enjoy those sandy beaches.  – Diane

The Early Bird

= early morning fishing trip on Topsail 6/22/2012 = first light theme

theme – first light

The early bird catches the worm. The early photographer catches amazing light.

As I was going through my archives to find a suitable photo for this theme, I realized I need to get up earlier and take advantage of that gorgeous golden hour more often. The world seems so peaceful when you are one of the few awake to see the beauty of a sunrise.

This was taken on vacation during an early morning fishing trip.  – Diane


beehive formation_edited-1


theme – scenic wonder

This is the beehive formation located in the Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada. I was fortunate enough to drive thru the desert while visiting Las Vegas for the first (and so far only) time. I remember being in awe of the beauty but I wish I had the interest in photography then, like I do now.  Someday I hope to return to Las Vegas with enough time to revisit the park and put some of the photography classes to good use.

Though there is nothing particularly special about this photo, it definitely represents the theme for me. I am always amazed at how weather over hundreds or thousands of years can make such formations.  – Diane

Topsail After Dark

Topsail after dark_edited-1


theme – after dark

Yet another shot of Topsail NC. This group of photos is at the top of my stock since I recently spent 2 weeks there on vacation. It’s kind of funny that I keep finding the photos I need for themes in this group since I didn’t really feel like I had the camera out much. (I was actually relaxing and spending time reading in the fresh air. I finished 3 books!) Anyway, this was taken from a pier one night while we were crabbing. – Diane