An Icy Scene

= nativity scene carved from ice 11/27/2008 =


theme – frozen

This Nativity was hand carved from 520 blocks of ice. It was on display at the Gaylord Plams in Orlando, FL in 2008 as part of their annual ICE! show. The show is a walk through event with rooms full of larger than life ice sculptures such as candy houses, wreaths, arctic animals and scenes, and even a train. They have 4 ice slides for kids of all ages and it always ends in this room with the Nativity. No winter coat, no problem, parkas are provided for you as the temperature is an unFloridian 9 degrees.  – Diane




theme – men

I find reading in the sunshine with the world around you to be very relaxing. You can be lost in your book but you can look up and be lost in the world. I always see women reading but hardly see men reading. There is something about a man reading that I find attractive. – Diane