Bird On A Wire



theme: solitude

While waiting for the sun to set and the fireworks to begin, I found this bird perched on the mast of a yacht. Just one solitary bird. I started thinking about how nice and quiet it must be way up there out of the crowd of thousands. He also had one of the best seats in the house for the fireworks and when the show was over, he would be able to just relax or fly away instead of sitting in the traffic for an hour trying to get home. When I snapped this shot, I was jealous of his peaceful solitude. – Diane






theme – calm

My favorite part of the day is sunset. People are coming home from work, house lights come on, the sun is setting, families are reconnecting with each other and winding down for the night. I find this part of the day the most calming for me. Now that my kids are grown and we are not rushing off to a game I need to take advantage of the calmness of a sunset more than I do. – Diane

Twilight Traffic



theme – twilight

I took this photo last night with my phone. We were on our way to dinner to celebrate my son’s 16th. birthday. I decided not to take my purse (which has a small camera in it). I am now kicking my self in the rear. It seems like that always happens. I wish I could make this photo bigger but then it just makes the cars fuzzy. We were moving about 50 mph, I was shooting through the windshield, and the sky was changing rapidly. I just wanted to get a few shots of the color before it was gone. – Diane

Watching The Sunset

Watching The Sunset_edited-1


theme – body of water

I know the theme is body of water, and there is water in this shot but, I love the sky. My daughter and I knew the sunset on this day would be dramatic because of the clouds so we went out to find a spot to sit and watch. This little pond was in front of a housing development her friend lives in. I chose this shot for a water theme because the ducks were in the foreground. Once they figured out we weren’t feeding them, the left and my focus returned to the sky. – Diane