theme – heavenly

When I think of the word heavenly, I automatically think of sunbeams showing through clouds. I have always felt they are like a little glimpse of something so much bigger.

I took this photo in Topsail, NC. It is the first time I was able to capture sunbeams shooting out of the tops of the clouds instead of the bottoms. I was so mesmerized by the top sunbeams I didn’t realize I had also captured some from the bottom in the same photo.

When I can finally get a grasp on my Elements program and all the wonderful things it can do, I hope to be able to enhance the sunbeams even more. Until then, this is enough of a glimpse of heaven for me. – Diane

A Delicious Catch

A Delicious Catch


theme – delicious

One of the things my family does while on vacation in Topsail NC is they eat what they catch. Throw some crab pots down in the morning and dinner is served in the evening. I am not a fan of this catch it and eat it method. I prefer not to see my meal when it was alive and moving around. When dinner was over and there were a few crabs left, I kidnapped them and gave them their own special photo shoot. I loved the red of their shells and of course now I could pose them without the fear of being pinched by the claws. A little morbid? Probably, but they are so photogenic.  - Diane

The Early Bird

= early morning fishing trip on Topsail 6/22/2012 = first light theme

theme – first light

The early bird catches the worm. The early photographer catches amazing light.

As I was going through my archives to find a suitable photo for this theme, I realized I need to get up earlier and take advantage of that gorgeous golden hour more often. The world seems so peaceful when you are one of the few awake to see the beauty of a sunrise.

This was taken on vacation during an early morning fishing trip.  - Diane

Topsail After Dark

Topsail after dark_edited-1


theme – after dark

Yet another shot of Topsail NC. This group of photos is at the top of my stock since I recently spent 2 weeks there on vacation. It’s kind of funny that I keep finding the photos I need for themes in this group since I didn’t really feel like I had the camera out much. (I was actually relaxing and spending time reading in the fresh air. I finished 3 books!) Anyway, this was taken from a pier one night while we were crabbing. – Diane

In the Distance

Distant Sun Beams_edited-1


theme – Distance

I am always looking up at the sky when I have my camera out. It is forever changing and seems to have its own moods. I love catching sunbeams peeking out from clouds. There is something very majestic about them.  - Diane

Just the Beginning

springtime blooms_edited-1


theme – springtime

After 2 days of downpours, the sun came out and brought lots of new life with it. I found these lovely buds next to the stairs that lead up to the porch at the beach house. I was actually working on a photography class about moving around your subject to see it from all sides. I have about a dozen shots of these buds but this angle was the best. The white from the stairs took away the annoying backgrounds from the other angles which included hanging wet bathing suits and a picnic table full of towels. It amazes me that such an easy change can really make or break a photo.  - Diane

Rise and Shine

Good Morning Topsail_edited-1

theme – mornings

Why do fisherman insist on being on the water so early? I don’t think the fish have anywhere else to be during the day. The only good thing about getting up early and going out with the boys to fish is the sunrise. The calm water, the orange sky, the peacefulness of a new day beginning. Ah so relaxing. Then we exit the no wake zone and the fight between man and fish begins. Personally, I cheer for the fish but don’t tell my family that. Swim away little fishy, swim away. – Diane


Crabby Carnivores

the body_edited-1

theme – the body

One of the rules of vacationing at the beach house with my husband’s family is: dinner is whatever is caught that day. As I tend to be VERY squeamish, I leave the fishing and crabbing up to everyone else. On this particular day, the kids convinced me to check the crab pots with them. I knew there would be some kind of  nasty bait in the pot but when they pulled it up,  I wasn’t expecting a clean skeleton. After getting over my initial dizziness, I became fascinated at how those crabs picked the skeleton clean. I loved how white it was against the black cage. The kids rolled their eyes and started regretting inviting me to check the pots as I told them not to touch it until I got my camera. Yes kids, I know you are trying to catch dinner but mommy wants a picture of the creepy fish skeleton first.  - Diane

A Topsail Sunrise

serene edited

theme – serene

We were headed out for an early morning of fishing. I like to fish with my camera and a book rather than a fishing pole. My family doesn’t like it when I tell the fish to swim away. – Diane